Open Positions


2014-08-11 21_11_07-Sonicomi Art Book _ wieselhead

Open positions (updated November 27th 2014)

Translators (Urgent!, we need at least 1 more translator and 1 TQC)
Skills required:

  • Ability to translate Japanese text into English.

Image editor (Open again!)

  • Edit images with Japanese text and change it for English keeping the same quality/style

Skills required:

  • Not too much I guess, just a basic knowledge of image editing will suffice.

Editor (Filled for now)

  • Check translated text makes sense, check type settings and edit text when necessary.

Skills required:

  • Strong English skills (native speaker)

Beta testers (late in release)

  • Ensure the game works

Skills required:

  • Patience
  • A hacked/jailbreaked PS3 cfw 4.56+

If you are interested in joining us send me an email or leave a comment. Include which position you are interested in and  how we can contact you.


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