Project halted indefinitely/dropped

Hi guys, today I have some good news for you.  For the last 3 months or so the project has been stalled, a lot of things have been going on in RL for me plus our lack of translators and staff caused  us to have 0 progress during this time. Now, don’t be sad guys,  the good news is that an official translation for Sonicomi is already planned by JAST USA:

and here is the official announcement from JAST USA:

Given this, the project will be in halted until further notice.

I am not sure if they  plan to release Motto Sonicomi (PS3) or just  Sonicomi (PC), as things looks now my guess is that they will release the PC version, it will be a real shame because the PS3 version is totally awesome and  superior in almost every aspect (including more endings) than the PC version but we will see, for now I want to thank everyone that participated in the project and wish everyone good luck.

Are you guys going to be back?

To be honest I am not sure, for now I think we should wait and see what JAST does with the official release, pray that they release Motto Sonicomi too and then.. who knows,  for now let’s wait, relax and enjoy Sonico  🙂

Here, have a relaxed Sonico-chan

Here, have a relaxed Sonico-chan