Calling out beta testers for partial patch


Patch is closing up, we will enter a period of closed beta for the first partial patch and I somehow lost track of beta testers applicants  so if you applied before as beta tester please send me an email ( with the following info:

  • Date you applied (if possible send me the original email where you applied).
  • Nick Name/Pseudonym
  • Please answer the following questions:
    • Which version are you interested in? (PC/PS3/Both)
    • Do you own the original game?
    • Are you going to be available to help in testing in January/February?

Since this patch will be about ~20 mins of game we just need 3/4 testers and 1 backup  for each platform. The mechanics to select the beta testers for this patch will be:

  • Date of application (Beta testers that applied first will have more chance of being elected)
  • You own the original game (we don’t support piracy and encourage everyone to buy the game so if you have the original game you have more chance of being elected)


Does this means only “selected” people will have the first partial patch?
Absolutely not, after the closed beta finishes and we clean most bugs/problems we will release a public partial beta patch for everyone.

How much does the patch cover?
About ~20 mins in game, up to the opening video before the tutorial

I don’t own the original game, do I have any chance  of being elected?
Yes, you do, but again we encourage everyone to buy the game to support the creators.

How can I import the game?
There is this useful guide from /a/, read it carefully and all your questions will be answered. link

My PS3 is not jailbroken, do you suggest to import the game and apply your patch?
Well, unfortunately not, this patch will only work with a jailbroken PS3  cfw 4.56+

Why are you guys so slow?
Lack of staff, specially image editors and translators, almost  every image editor runs away when they see the amount of work and applicants for translation go MIA after they see the total script lines…

I don’t have Image edition/translation skills, how can I help to make things move faster?
Contact me, I am sure you can help on something, at the very least you can help us spread the word 🙂

I didn’t apply as beta tester before, can I apply now?