First Partial Patch

Hi guys, we are planning the first partial patch for PS3 and PC which will cover the first part of the Prologue up to the opening video.

The plan is to have it ready by the end of the year since our translator is quite busy and can’t dedicate too much time to the project so we are going a bit slow.


This is the progress for the first partial patch:

Translation : 68% completed.

Image editing (PC): 69%   Config Menu:  0%

Image editing (PS3): 0%   Config Menu: 0%

Installer:  0%



7 thoughts on “First Partial Patch

  1. Thanks a lot for taking on the translation of this game! 🙂 I’ve been trying to play it in japanese but it’s hard when you don’t understand a word


  2. Waaaah!! Thank you guys so much for deciding to make an English patch!
    It’s not fair that you have to be fluent in Japanese to enjoy this game ;-;

    Good luck and I look forward to hopefully getting to try it out! 😀


  3. Thanks a lot, sorry i cant help (well you know the reason) all i can do is cheer you guys, there are many people depend on you guys even though they are not written their comments. Good luck ^^


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